How can you prove unpaid overtime?
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How can you prove unpaid overtime?

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Waiting on your employer to pay you for overtime can create frustration and disrupt your productivity. Feeling like you cannot adequately prove your case may only exacerbate your situation.

Perhaps the most important way to collect evidence of your wage dispute is through the use of documentation. Carefully record your experiences and include details and timestamps. Having concrete evidence to support your claim may improve your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

California law

By law, your employer needs to pay you for overtime work even if they did not authorize the extra hours you worked. According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, with some exceptions, you qualify for paid overtime if you are over 18 years of age and have exceeded 8 hours during a workday or 40 hours during a workweek. Your employer’s denial of payment can result in costly legal consequences.

Filing a claim

When you know you have worked extra and your employer has not paid you, take your concerns to the human resource department. Sometimes, clerical errors, misunderstandings and even misclassification of your employment status may be to blame for your situation. Once notified, your employer may have a quick fix so you can receive your payment and not have to worry about the situation repeating itself.

However, if your employer continues to deny you overtime pay, you may need to file a formal claim with the Department of Labor. An attorney can help you identify your next steps in serious situations such as this. Relying on a legal professional may give you the support you need so you can effectively balance your professional and personal affairs.