How much protection do helmets provide?
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How much protection do helmets provide?

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Motorcyclists like you understand that you have much less protection than other covered vehicles on the road. This is why safety gear like helmets serve as such an important part of a motorcyclist’s gear.

But while you have heard that helmets will help in the event of a crash, do you actually know how much help they provide or exactly what they can do for you?

Room for improvement

The National Library of Medicine discusses how helmets can protect you from injury. The main question: what are the differential protective effects that motorcycle helmets have when it comes to head injuries in specific? They looked at skull fractures, cerebral contusion, cerebral concussion and intracranial hemorrhage.

First, they conclude a recent study with the notion that helmets still have room for improvement. While they create a notable difference in injury incidents and especially in severity of the injury faced, they do not protect from all injuries equally and they do not guarantee 100 percent protection from anything.

Reduction of head injuries

However, wearing a helmet will always do you better than wearing nothing at all. The breakdown of numbers proves this true. Helmet wearers saw a 71 percent reduction in cerebral contusion, a 69 percent reduction in skull fractures, and a 53 percent reduction in intracranial hemorrhages. However, more research into uncomplicated concussions proved inconclusive at the time.

Though the study recognizes helmet designers could make improvements to rotational acceleration management, they also acknowledge that any percentage of reduction is better than nothing. This is just one of many reasons why wearing a helmet will serve you well on the road.