Do helmets protect motorcyclists?
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Do helmets protect motorcyclists?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2021 | Firm News |

Motorcyclists across the board have likely heard of the importance of wearing the proper helmet when hitting the road. Study after study has shown the distinct difference in safety that wearing a helmet can cause.

But to what extent do helmets provide protection? What areas do they excel in and what areas could they improve in?

Percentage rates of protection

The National Library of Medicine discusses the way helmets influence the outcome of crashes. On a whole, helmets provide the maximum amount of protection currently capable for motorcyclists to achieve when it comes to the prevention of severe head and brain injuries. They not only help reduce the severity of the injury but even lower the chance of suffering from an injury in the first place.

One study showed a 71 percent reduction in the rate of cerebral contusion and a 69 percent overall reduction in the chance of a victim suffering from a skull fracture. The same study also showed a 53 percent reduction rate for intracranial hemorrhage and an inconclusive result for uncomplicated concussions.

Wearing the right helmet

This simultaneously shows that helmets still cannot offer full protection to a motorcyclist. In fact, the current protections it offers differ depending on the injury type, too. In essence, it is important to continue striving for improvement. But currently, with the choice between wearing a helmet or eschewing it, one should always choose to wear a helmet.

Keep in mind that the fit and type of helmet also hold importance. A poor-fitting helmet or one without enough padding may not offer the same levels of protection and can fail to prevent injury.