How do you approach your boss about a wage issue?
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How do you approach your boss about a wage issue?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2021 | Firm News |

Recently, you noticed mistakes on your paychecks. Perhaps you brushed off the first error, blaming it on a miscalculation on your part. Now that you noticed more mistakes, you wonder if your employer may intentionally rob you of your wages.

To help you navigate the matter with grace before escalating the situation, see what Chron says about approaching your boss about wage mistakes.

Gather evidence

Before bringing the issue to your manager, gather all your pay stubs and timesheets. That way, you have a way to calculate the proper amount of your checks. If you receive a salary, consult your original job offer to remind yourself how much you should receive for your annual salary.

Schedule a meeting

Let your boss know you want to discuss the pay discrepancy. Even if she or he refers you to HR, you may still need to meet with your boss to talk about whether HR has up-to-date and accurate records about the number of hours you worked.

Keep your cool

During the meeting, speak to your manager or supervisor as you would a good friend. Until you know for sure what happened, try not to take any frustration or anger you feel out on anyone else, especially not your boss. While you should show your timesheets and pay stubs, give your boss copies rather than the original paperwork.

Your boss could suggest you both meet with the payroll department. If so, work with your boss and all other necessary personnel to schedule a time that works for everyone. During the meeting, keep your cool, and do not threaten to file a complaint.

You have more power and bargaining options than you realize to address a wage dispute. Remember, state and federal laws are on your side.