Do you know these vital construction safety issues?
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Do you know these vital construction safety issues?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Firm News |

While you enjoy your job as a construction worker, you understand your position comes with many safety risks. Does your employer do a solid job of creating a proper safety culture?

The American Society of Safety Professionals explores several construction safety issues employers should remember to keep you and your co-workers safe. If you sustained harm on the clock recently, it could be because your company overlooked one of these matters.

Worker welfare

Depending on the construction work you perform, you and others in your field may experience mental health and substance abuse struggles. Just as employers must protect workers’ physical health, they should also take steps to safeguard their mental and emotional health with employee assistance programs. That way, employees have access to resources when they need them most.

Proper education

You cannot work safely if your company does not educate you on hazards and safety issues. Employers have a responsibility to train construction workers not only on OSHA’s “focus four hazards,” but also on how shifting work environment conditions throughout the day may present various hazards.

Full project comprehension

Construction workers cannot afford to show up to worksites with only a vague sense of the work. Instead, they must fully understand project requirements, the nature of the work performed and the individual part they play in completing the project. Also, you and everyone else on a worksite must have a full awareness of the requirements and regulations governing a project.

Construction workers and their employers must take every measure to prevent avoidable accidents. Even a minor oversight could cause major harm and a potential personal injury case.