Handling a layoff and saving your career
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Handling a layoff and saving your career

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Firm News |

Finding out about a layoff can leave you feeling uncertain about your future. If you have a family to care for, your concerns about providing for their needs may cause debilitating stress.

Even if your employer complies with the terms of your employment contract when making the decision to let you go, they should treat you with respect throughout the process. Knowing what to expect from your employer can help you protect your rights.

Honesty and respect

One of the biggest mistakes your employer can make is to allow rumors to spread about layoffs prior to their happening. Your employer should provide an honest assessment of the changes happening within the company, as well as the potential for those changes to impact your job.

Even if your employer knows of a layoff, they should continue to treat you with the highest level of respect. Up until everything finalizes, you should continue to have access to your benefits and any resources you need to effectively perform your job.

Support and encouragement

While you may have connections to find a new job, getting interviews and finding another position could take considerable time and effort. According to INC.com, job leads and outplacement support are a couple of the resources you can ask your employer about. They may have suggestions for other companies that have openings for positions similar to the one you were in.

Despite the closure of your employment, your employer can provide encouragement and support as you embark on a new chapter. If at any point you question the legality of your termination, you may consider filing a lawsuit. You deserve to end your current job on a positive note so you can continue to develop your career with confidence.