Does my employer have to give me paid sick leave?
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Does my employer have to give me paid sick leave?

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Sick leave allows you to take time off work when you are ill without losing pay or facing disciplinary action. In the US in general, paid sick leave is not a common offering, but in California, it is the law.

The California Department of Industrial Relations explains you do get paid sick leave under state law in most situations, but there are exceptions, rules and guidelines for sick leave pay.


If you work for an air carrier, you may not be eligible under the law for paid sick leave. It also doesn’t apply if you are part of collective bargaining agreement or an in-home supportive services provider.


The law went into effect on July 1, 2015. As of that date, you will earn one hour of paid time for every 30 hours you work. This applies to every employee, and you may begin using sick time after 90 days of employment.


Your employer can limit how you use your sick time by limiting use to 24 hours at a time or three 8-hour days. Employers may also place an overall limit on your accrued time of 48 hours or six 8-hour days.

To use your time, you must give notice to your employee. Your employer cannot make you find a replacement and cannot take adverse action against you for taking time off.

Your employer also must provide you with a notice of how much paid sick leave time you have with every paycheck either as a line item or on a separate document.

You have the right to paid time off earned under the law and used within the legal limits under California law.