How can social media endanger your injury case?
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How can social media endanger your injury case?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | Firm News |

The aftermath of an auto accident can inflict serious injuries on you. You probably won’t be able to work and will face a difficult recovery, plus you have medical and auto repair bills to worry about. If you make the decision to pursue an injury lawsuit against the other driver, be careful about using social media during this time. 

The wide use of social media makes it possible to show off many details of your life. Unfortunately, these media posts could also come back to haunt you during a civil trial. 

Pictures that could dispute your injuries

Like many people, you probably post pictures of yourself on your social media pages. As FindLaw explains, you may run into a problem if you post an image after your accident that shows you in better health than you have indicated following your accident. For instance, if you have a broken leg, posting an image of you walking unassisted might cast doubt on the true extent of your injury. 

Also keep in mind that the other party in your injury case may take a recent picture of yourself out of context. You may end up having to defend a social media post in court by explaining when and where you took it just to fend off an accusation that you have misrepresented your injury. 

Text posts that harm your case

People can get in trouble by making inflammatory or derogatory posts on social media, and such comments can also harm your prospects for winning an injury case. You may understandably feel angry about what has happened to you, but you should refrain from any comments that sound threatening towards the other driver or anyone involved in the case. 

In general, discussing your case through social media could be a problem. You might contradict your earlier statements to the police or your insurer without intending to. And if you reach a confidential settlement, you could endanger it by posting details about your settlement online. 

Exercise caution online

You might reduce the risk of the opposing party finding your media posts by restricting your profiles to your friends or making them private. Still, you stand a better chance of navigating your injury case by being discrete about it online. This will give the other side fewer openings to discredit your claims in court.