Signs of age discrimination in California
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Signs of age discrimination in California

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Age discrimination is a real problem in the American workforce. With a large number of workers remaining employed into the later years of their lives, the possibility of being the victim of age discrimination becomes even more prevalent. Employees in California should know what signs to look for that can indicate their status as a victim of age discrimination.

Different opportunities

If a promotion at your place of work becomes available and only younger employees have the opportunity to advance, your employer is discriminating against you and other older employees. However, the term “different opportunities” isn’t limited to promotions. If younger employees have access to different training and other useful tools, discrimination is a problem.

Continued hurtful comments

It is hard to prove age discrimination in the workplace if you are on the receiving end of a single rude comment. However, if the comments are more consistent, you should document every instance to build your discrimination claim. No employee should have to face constant hurtful comments and harassment in the workplace based on any factor, including age.

Layoffs that only impact one group

With the economic times that we’re in, layoffs are not uncommon. However, if your employer only lays off employees who are above a certain age, they may be acting in a discriminatory manner. If you lose your job and believe that age played a role, you should file an EEOC claim, which leads to the government gathering information about the company’s layoff practices.

If you have reason to believe that you are the victim of age discrimination in the workplace, you should schedule a consultation with an attorney who is familiar with discrimination law. This attorney can not only gather your personal information, but he or she can also dive deeper into the practices of your employer to help determine if age discrimination is a pattern of behavior.