Teens and the elderly are driving old, unsafe vehicles
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Teens and the elderly are driving old, unsafe vehicles

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Older cars lack crucial safety features that the newer models have, but many people in California own older cars because of budgetary constraints. One study has found that two age groups in particular, though, are more likely to own older cars: teens, especially the newly licensed, and adults aged 65 or older.


Older cars among the two most at-risk groups


Researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention, a part of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, conducted the study and had the results published in the journal Traffic Injury Prevention. Theirs was a large-scale study as it took its data from all the car crashes that occurred in neighboring New Jersey between 2010 and 2017.


The conclusion that teens and the elderly drive older cars is especially concerning because these two age groups run the highest risk for a car crash. The highest rate of car crash fatalities is, in fact, seen among adults 65 and older.


The importance of ESC and side airbags


Looking at the crash data, researchers determined whether each of the vehicles involved had important safety features like electronic stability control and side and curtain airbags. They focused on ESC because it’s nearly as effective as seat belts are in preventing crash fatalities. It prevents drivers from losing control when traveling on sharp curves and slippery roads.


Seeking compensation after a car wreck


The victims of motor vehicle accidents can file a personal injury claim in this state, provided that their degree of fault does not surpass the defendant’s. If your case holds up under California’s negligence laws, still, you may find it hard to negotiate for a settlement on your own. This is where legal assistance may come in handy. An attorney may have third parties investigate the crash and gather evidence before heading off to negotiations.