Retaliation and employment law for employees
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Retaliation and employment law for employees

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Employees in California need to understand that they have rights under the law. For example, they can’t be discriminated against for protected characteristics. Employers are supposed to hire and promote people based on merit, not characteristics like gender, race or religious backgrounds. They also can’t stop employees from advocating for themselves by fighting to unionize.

West Yellowstone tours

In 2020, a company called Delaware North fired six of its employees. All of them worked as winter tour guides in West Yellowstone. As the name suggests, that community borders one of America’s most famous national parks. These employees led tours via snowmobile and specially equipped buses.

By early 2020, the six employees named in the suit were starting to protest some of their working conditions. They wanted more notification of their scheduled shifts, for example. At that time, it was becoming routine to give people very little notice that they were expected to work. Sometimes, they found out just the day before their scheduled shifts. Many service-industry employers post weekly and monthly schedules ahead of time.

Government protections for workers

Luckily, for these workers, the National Labor Relations Board takes employment law seriously. This federal body determined that the guides are entitled to back pay and other forms of compensation. Delaware North will also be required to inform employees that they have a right to form a union if they so decide.

Employees who are being bullied for asserting their rights should contact a lawyer. Employment law demands protections to keep workers safe and healthy. When employers flout the law, they can expect to face real consequences for doing so. However, it’s always best to have an experienced employment law attorney making that case.