Femur fractures in the wake of car accidents
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Femur fractures in the wake of car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Femur fractures occur most often in car crashes, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. If you broke your femur in an accident here in California, then you know how long-term the effects of the injury can be.

Where the femur can fracture

Femur fractures can be partial or complete. Partial fractures, especially hip fractures, tend to be common among older people, who have fragile bones and can sometimes fall. In younger people, the femur remains the strongest bone in the body, so it takes a lot of vehicular force to break it. This is why pedestrians and motorcyclists break their femurs more than do car occupants.

A hip fracture involves the femoral neck, at the top. A knee fracture involves the femur’s distal end, which attaches to the knee joint. Most crash-related femur fractures occur along the shaft, or length, of the femur. The bone can very often be splintered by a crushing injury.

What other injuries can accompany it

A femur fracture can damage blood vessels, muscles and ligaments. Victims may develop a blood clot or bleed profusely. If the femur should protrude from the skin, it will run the risk of infection. All of this puts victims’ lives in danger. Doctors usually treat fractures by inserting metal rods, plates and screws into the femur. Victims may receive pain medications and undergo physical therapy.

Being covered for your injuries

The important thing right now is determining if you can recover damages through a personal injury claim, and a lawyer may be especially helpful in this regard. A successful claim could cover past and future medical expenses, including the cost of prescription drugs, rehabilitative care and medical devices like crutches and wheelchairs; lost wages; and pain and suffering. You may leave all negotiations to the lawyer while you focus on regaining strength.