Workplace discrimination is demoralizing to employees
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Workplace discrimination is demoralizing to employees

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When California residents start new jobs, they expect to be able to do those jobs without fear of racism, discrimination or any other type of behavior that would cause them discomfort. Healthy, inviting workspaces are more likely to lead to healthy, happy employees. When discriminatory practices are allowed to flourish in the workplace, things can become extremely uncomfortable and unbearable for an employee. They may be unable to do their job, and if they complain, they worry about being fired.

When people experience discrimination or harassment in their places of employment, they often turn to their HR departments in order to get some help. The problem with this is that many HR departments exist to support the company, not the employees. Many people experience workplace discrimination, and yet nothing is done help them.

One example of this is a recent case at Hearst Magazines. Hearst employees brought multiple harassment complaints against their president, alleging that he engaged in sexual, racial and other types of discrimination. They alleged that he was promoted in spite of the fact that several of them had brought cases against him to Hearst’s human resources department as well as to other senior executives at the organization. When the allegations became public, the president replied in a statement that the accusations against him were either exaggerated, lies or in reference to statements that had been taken out of context. He also seemed to imply that Hearst fostered a workplace where sex was discussed openly. Hearst’s CEO sent an email to employees stating that it was in the best interest of the firm that the president resign. The resignation was effective immediately.

Harassment of any type can be difficult for employees to handle. It jeopardizes their livelihoods, and they might not know where to turn. These employees may benefit from working with lawyers who have experience dealing with discrimination law and handling discrimination lawsuits. With legal representation, employees may have a better chance at receiving justice.