No need for discrimination in telework
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No need for discrimination in telework

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Uncategorized |

With today’s technological advances, more people in California are able to work from home. Of course, this includes the older population. Unfortunately, some employers have held on to an unfair belief system that older workers are deficient in technological skills. These misconceptions have led many employers to deny allowing their older generation of employees to work from home.

Many analysts believe that companies should see age as a bit of an asset with their older remote workers. Through years of experience, seasoned workers often bring well-crafted soft skills, which result in a more productive remote work environment. Moreover, advocates say employers should be willing to give older workers a chance. The denial of such could be seen as a direct violation of age discrimination laws.

In 1967, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act was passed to prevent unfair workplace prejudice against employees aged 40 and older. The law establishes that employers cannot discriminate in hiring practices based on age, promotion, compensation or terms of discharge. Even with the passage of the federal law, AARP reports that age discrimination in the workplace continues to be rampant.

This is especially true in tech firms. Employers and employees of these companies typically have a biased opinion based on the roles both young and older employees occupy and their related technological skill sets.

For seniors who still value their employment and need to work, age discrimination often presents an unfair obstacle to overcome. Those who have been denied remote work based on their perceived tech skill set may consider consulting an experienced discrimination law attorney. Employees have rights and protections by law, and a skilled attorney could fight to restore those rights.